Flame Resistance

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Flame Resistance

Stay frosty with High Visibility gear.

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Flame Resistant Gear





Flame Resistant

What people say.

We carry the best FR workwear

Customer Review 1
Good quality clothes and lots of cute choices for women!

Julie Justiss

Customer Review 2
If your a server and need Dickies this is the place especially if you dont have alot of time and need them ASAP

Britney B

Local Guide
Customer Review 3
Great customer service and super friendly.

Anthony Sexton

Customer Review 4
Good selections of clothes

Hawraz Jalal

Local Guide

At WAllyWaldo Workwear

WallyWaldo Workwear stocks the best FR gear from brands built for professionals.

Fire Resistant Uniforms

Fire Resistant Clothing and gear from brands such as CarHartt, Bulwark FR, Dickies, and Big Bill FR

Fire Resistant Hoodies

Wide selection of FR overshirts and jackets and sweatshirts.

Fire Resistant Pants

Keep the flames at bay with FR pants available at WallyWaldo Workwear.

Fire Resistant Hats and Accessories

Protect yourself with FR hats and gloves.

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